Andrea's Profile


Let’s blend some love for the arts with a talent and passion for writing; add a healthy obsession with precision and organisation; then why not make the mix more interesting with research, branding and design skills as well as years of experience in customer service and finally spice it up with a dash of mindfulness for a balanced flavour.

What you get is called Andrea Siegel, a creative copywriter.

This carefully crafted composition is best paired with other curious, insightful and lively human beings who have a sense of humour and a desire to create a lasting impression on the world.

Keep Andrea in an urban environment with plenty of inspiration and add a touch of nature, so that she can often return to her roots for some introspection and grounding before emerging with valuable copy and content.


To create original, long-lasting, meaningful work that adds value to people's life.


Andrea believes in clear communication, integrity, kindness, empathy and compassion.

By listening to her clients, Andrea is able to create meaningful and valuable copy tailored to their needs and goals.

Her creativity, professionalism, focus and attention to detail guarantee well-researched and truly engaging pieces reflecting the identity of the person or the business.


Engaging digital content creation

Creative Writing, poetry, fiction, social and cultural commentary

Bespoke research, branding and copywriting services

Specialising in Artist, Designer and Entrepreneur statements, bios, about pages, product, project and artwork descriptions as well as blog posts, newsletters and articles


Integrity, Inclusivity, Intelligence, Respect, Creativity, Kindness, Longevity and Diversity.