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Begin Where it Ends

by Andrea Siegel           

A beginner’s mind is clear, focused and inspired. 

Beginners with strength and determination make firm decisions, take action fearlessly and remain optimistic and hopeful, carry on like no one is watching.

When you are about to start something new, there is nothing to unlearn, the journey is yet to begin; the space has already been created for the new adventure. Celebrate every beginning.

Curiosity is leading the way towards a new chapter. With courage and determination, in the state of flow, you welcome fresh opportunities with enthusiasm and excitement and look forward to the new experiences shaping your personality and future.

One can always start afresh, every moment may be a new beginning: even a failure, a disappointment or a crisis contains millions of new chances and directions to choose from. When feeling blocked and in need of inspiration, just empty that cluttered mind, breathe and trust that you can always create a blank space and start again.

This time with more knowledge, experience and resilience gained from an ending. 

Building anything from scratch and completing it is a cyclical process. Every project and relationship inevitably comes to an end at some point. Being able to look at the finished product or any outcome as a new opportunity takes courage, wisdom and self-awareness. 

Can you take the leap, develop further and start it all over again?


Explore what’s in store for you without fear or judgement. Begin with strength, patience and kindness. Remain resilient. Once your work is completed, pause for a moment, recharge, then start again. 

Beginnings never end.


Photo Credit Juliana Malta on Unsplash