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Mindful living

Practicing Presence

by Andrea Siegel           

One is becoming either more hopeful or completely lost amidst or after a chaotic episode in their lives. We are either willing to identify the blessings and opportunities or blame ourselves or external circumstances, perhaps other people for the losses and failures. Once clarity comes, it will orientate us towards what’s best for us — if we allow the miracles to unfold simply by not expecting anything but sticking to our inherent, most ancient values and focusing on living in the moment. If we block the natural flow of goodness, then darkness will overshadow our designated route to a great life.


Being present is the only way to learn about ourselves, others and the world; it leads to finding the right path that takes us to personal growth. 

Many of us have been deaf and blind to those experiences that could have directed us towards reaching our full potential, including health, love and success. We have been blinded by society’s false expectations and dangerous limitations regarding how we should live our lives and what we should achieve. 

Labels, categories defined us and stopped us from becoming our highest, truest selves.


Then chaos came. The whole world experienced and is still experiencing loss, brokenness, anxiety, fear and uncertainty on a daily basis. 

Nothing is normal, nor will it ever be. 


Nothing was ever good, kind or graceful in this world anymore — not even the slightest.

Although there have been many warning signs, humanity just pushed and pushed the planet’s boundaries until it was too late and everything collapsed. 


Now, we are shocked and afraid but how might we use the antagonist’s current behaviour to our own advantage?


By practicing presence, kindness and grace daily as if they were nutrients to our mind, body and soul.

How do we do that and why is it important?


Firstly, all of them are for free and can be simply administered. 

The key is to create healthy habits that we may keep up on the long term by slowing down, observing and noticing more. Start with paying attention to your breathing and watching the objects around you or the birds outside. What did you notice that you have not seen before and how did this make you feel?


Write it down into a journal or notebook. Keep track of your feelings and watch them change and evolve. Writing is an excellent form of healing and self-expression that anyone can do at any time. 


Finally, connect with others. Find your tribe, humans or animals, real or fictional. 

Establish relationships with those who make you feel alive and good about yourself. 

Spend time with them — mostly digitally for now except if they have four legs, lovely, soft fur or no legs but perhaps beautiful wings. 

Learn from them how to find order and love in this life.