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About the Project

Annabel posted an ad online searching for a writer to help her edit and proofread an article. 


Looking at her creative portfolio, I felt compelled to reply to her. The style and quality of the various art and design 

projects Annabel featured on her ‘The-Dots’ profile made me curious about her other work and of course, personality.


The products of a creative person’s ideas and concepts speak more truthfully than words. After having read the draft, 

it became clear that our values, interests and creative approaches were very much aligned. I was excited to commence the work.


The collaboration was harmonious and efficient from the start; the process involved communication via e-mail and 

online discussions. After the completion of the project, I even felt inspired to write up a whole movie script about 

Donna’s story; only to find out that the piece had originally been created with exact purpose to promote a short documentary film that Annabel was intending to pitch to producers. I look forward to viewing it.

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